The Blogger

  • Coffee is like a drug to me. It is addictive yet the aroma of a coffee keeps me calm and refresh
  • Homemade food is the healthiest and yummiest food ever!
  • Purple made me look not too feminine not to boy-ish. Blue keeps me calm and Maroon show how strong I am.
  • Travel is part of learning process. Different places different types of people and lifestyle
  • Blogging helps me to express unspoken words in my mind and in my heart
  • Reading helps me to imagine more and gain more knowledge
  • Musics helps you express the feelings of your hearts. 
  • Taylor Swift's songs and lyrics teach me a lot in relationship

  • Won't tell what kind of animals or insects that I dislike because it could be the weapon of my enemy to destroy me through my weakness.
  • People with one of the 7 sins attitude 
  • Peope with poor timing management and person who is unable to keep their promise

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