Give Me That Title

A quick and short update this time. -Ignore the title as it's not relevant. Read on my previous post why I put not relevant title post- Well on 22 November 2015, I can proudly say that I am officially graduated in Bachelor's Degree of International Finance majoring in Islamic Finance!!  A proud moment for all graduates of my course-mates, friends and faculty's friends. Not to mention one of our course-mate were given the title in Anugerah Diraja! 3 years in just a blink of an eyes. It seems like just yesterday I was busy preparing entering my university life and 3 years am I!

Right now is the serious phase for me. Commitments and responsibilities. Working phase is totally a nightmare to me. No more playing around, screwing around, late night works or procrastinating. I have a big bucket-list so in order to achieve those list, I need to work hard to do so. 

Oh well. Till then. -sorry for the zig zag grammars if there's any. Rushing update mode-