New Leaf :)

I think its been a while since the last time I blogged~ Well, this is not only due to my concentration on study but also on my social life. Apparently I spent too much time on the social Internet life I almost outset myself from the outside world.

Oh I had also delete all the previous post. There are just way too much "childish" sentences in almost of the post. Just considered that I decided to start a new way to blog. Now to my followers, all I wanted to say is my blog mainly are English words and it's quite hard to find several Malay words unless I type so. I'm not being a proud-to-use-English-cause-my-English-are-good. Somehow I just notice most of my followers are Malay words user and am afraid people will find it awkward or perhaps weird? *whatever*

Second thing, I post random stuff like every one else do. Sometimes there will be random pictures of foods and activities with my friends or maybe sometimes there will be long post about complaints or etc just like this post. I don't post those news like freelance reporters. But if the news are worth to share then I will share the main point only.

Curious about me like a cat? Then just click HERE. Don't worry your curiosity won't kill you just take away few minutes of your life to read :)

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