Chinese New Year 2014

Sorry for the lack updates. Hey it's Chinese New Year people! Go to your Chinese friend's house or neighbours! Apa mau rugi ada hong pau (red packets) also :P Anyway, on the day 1 of CNY le aunt Angie's family came to house for bai nian and then couzzy boyfiee came also. Yesterday was too tired so no time to take pictures.

And day 2 of Chinese New Year today we got surprise when Auntie Yuen came! Last night she called but didn't told us she planning to come today! Haha anyway Went to aunt Angie's house bai niaan. Her dark choco biscuit are damn delicious because its BITTER! :D After that went to wai gong (grandpa) house bai nian :)

Hong pau from Aunt Angie's, uncle Tim and grandma :)

Sorry only few pictures. Won't show too much. Hehe


  1. uyoo u got hong pau leh ! Share some with me lah xD hehe

    1. hehe if you want go to your Chinese friend's or neighbour's house :P