Reuse Those Empty Bottles!

I found so many items that can be reused back while cleaning the house before CNY that day. One of them is those empty bottles. My mum loves to buy bird nest. Even though it is expensive but when it concerns about our health money is not the problem. My mum bought this brand of bird nest where there are 6 or 9 bottles in one box. So I was thinking what can I do with these empty bottles?

I decided to turn it become my own piggy coin bottles! I do have my own cat and teddy bear coin bank but all those coins are mixed up! When those bank coins are full I have to take all those coins out and count them back. Hey! It was not easy to separate those 10, 20 and 50 coins okay! With this bottles I can easily count how many 10 cents coins in there and so for the others. I'm not that artist type persona doesn't like to decorate much so I just simply put a paper cello-tape with the coin label. 

P/S - So what is your idea to reuse those empty bottles? :)