Happy Birthday Malaysia!

Well there's no need to remind all the Malaysians anymore. This date should be remember by heart as everyone know that Sept 16 is Malaysia Day. Not a Malaysian reader? Google it to know what is it about Malaysia Day.

Anyway, today is a public holiday. Therefore, no class for today! But I am not so sure for the Arab class at night. Today woke up early and went to the beach with Chon and Aimi. Morning breakfast at the Beach Cafe but..the usual restaurant we go didn't open so it's a bit disappointing.

After that went to the beach and lepak-lepak for awhile until 9 am then we reach our college and room sweet room. The weather quite good today since it was raining around 6 am. The breeze was totally damn cold and the view too! Too bad the waves a bit strong today. :/

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