Pitty Patty Poo

Ignore my lame post title. I spent almost 5 minutes thinking the suitable title for this post annndd this lame title pop into my mind. Ptfff.

Bought this shoe last Friday for let me see...RM 66!! I would never spent over RM 50 of my money on items like clothes, accessories etc (except for my Applemint Jeans which around RM70+ after discount). I was like...is this really me? What is happening to me? Oh my God! A FEMININE SHOEE!! 

Fyi, I always love to wear sneakers or sandals or slipper whenever I go out. Well sneakers are my priority choice. Currently have 3 pairs - Blue, Black and Red. Not really in the mood to buy any pair of sneakers because of "kegawatan ekonomi". Last semester "Budget Sem 3" was FAILED. Totally FAILED. Now in process making "Budget Sem 4". :P

Anyway, back to topic. This shoe...it has RIBBON ON IT!! *slap my face* My RM66 burn and because of that I only manage to buy 5 novels with a lil donation from le mummy and also thanks to my Times and Popular member card.

Okay. Forget about it. Chinese New Year shoe so kena spent a bit kan? The problem now is....my itchy bitchy hand decided to untied one of the reben~ Sooo now thinking how to tie it back! *knock this head of mine* or else I have to wear sandals to Ah Gong's house bai nian (-.-)

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