Blog's New Look

Notice the new design of this blog? Yeaaahh. I change it ALL. Change the header - backgound etc Conclusion is I change all the additional codings I had insert to this blog. Not that I don't like it but looking at those colors design bla bla bla in my blog in looks sooo CHILDISH. Am not saying other bloggers blog are childish but in my case my opinion my blog look ridiculous (Harry Potter spell just pop into my head) and childish.

Okay so since I have sooo many free days ( I got 1 month of break from works believe or not?) I think I should start all the DIY projects I had planning to do all this while. Hey you can try yourself too you know! :)

*Pictures below are not mine. All credits to the blogger stated below the picture*

Well so far am only show 3 of the DIY projects I wanted to do. The rest in progress. Let's settle these 3 projects first :D

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