Durian Puff DIY

Have you ever tried durian puff before? Before that can you help me to click THIS? Thanks so much! 

Well I do! Last Saturday went to WM mall and found a small corner stall selling durian puff and durian ice-cream. Now in your mind you might be asking..they must use those fake artificial flave right? Well tell you what. Hell you're WRONG! They used PURE ORIGINAL durian and blend it and then make it become ice cream and puff! Seriously the puff is damn nice and my mum even ate 2 cone of durian ice-cream!

The filling is easy to made. Just use durian and blend it! Lol. But the puff? The pastry are quite hmm hard. You can go to HERE to check on 4 easy ways to make the puff. Oops sorry wrong link. Here :)
Annnd picture below is one of the example I got from the site. Its a cream puff with a caramel sauce. Yummy!

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