Expressing Some Dissatisfaction

Things I'm going to say might affected your personal feelings and thought. Just so you know I'm just expressing my dissatisfaction of some people that speak before they think. 

Few days before my friends and I planned to meet up today before our holiday end. However, due to certain circumstances I have to cancel last minute. This was my second time unable to join meet up with friends. To tell the truth, I am the introvert type of person. I don't like to mix around much. Even when I do I prefer with people I'm comfortable with and prefer to hang out in a group of  5 or 6.

The habit of not like mixing around with people has become worst. That is what I think. Last semester my uni friends will plan to hang out at the town on weekends. I tried to say NO but in the end having problem to say the word NO has end up me saying YES. Not that I hate hanging out with my friends. I dislikes the part where they say they hate my hometown. My hometown is boring because there are no shopping mall and even with the current one they can't considered it to be mall. No interesting places to go. Prices of foods and etc are too expensive. Regret coming here. They say we people have no night life. I was like what? "Night life like going to club something? Sing k till midnight and end up late to class the next day?"

In my heart I was like "be patience be patience". Anyone can't stand when people saying bad things about your hometown right? Even thinking about it made me angry. Just because I continue my study they said Be brave and go out there and start your journey! When it is the time to be independence? I still remembered this one coursemate of mine said I don't deserve to feel homesick and that person said the same thing to my Sabahan friend. I feel like slapping her on that exact moment but I tried not to do so. Whenever they start saying bad things about my hometown I will remember back how they were acting like kids never seen a beach before and never feels not having a jam journey before.

Sorry that I'm being so emotional here. But how about stop comparing my hometown and your hometown. You said living in this kind of places is like living in a jungle is worst? So is that mean that living in a free and fresh air where there are many greens that provide us oxygen is worst? How about think how the poor children and people who are living in the rural area that has no electricity and water? Places that has war, no clean water and food, no shelter and no clean clothes? 

This night time view in Labuan is not mine. Credits to someone who posted out there and found in google

 P/S - My hometown is called W.P. Labuan (Federal Territory of Labuan). Not many Malaysian know about it. Sad? Yes I do. Because Malaysia have 14 states including 1 Federal Territory. If they can remember KL and Putrajaya why not Labuan?

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