2 Days Left?

2 days left? Yeah. I'm going back to my uni this Sunday. Oh myy I don't feel like going back there. I just wanna finish all this graduate and start working. I don't mind working at all because after office hour I can go back home. So this mean no more ACTIVE BLOGWALKING! :( Just left me message on my cbox I will reply but a little late :D

Although I am Labuanese and attending at my hometown local uni but still it feels like staying miles away especially with those over loaded works and assignments+class it makes you wanna go back so much. Even one of my Labuanese friend who attend the same uni with me going back on 20th+ which is a week after. Lol. I just don't wanna regret no more. 3 semester left and I must get my DEAN LIST!

Idk what to pack. Total so far in my head is 1 luggage, 1 printer box, 1 box of mineral water, 1 bag of food, 1 bag of shoes and and what else idk lol. Thanks God I left my toiletries back there. All of these packing is because during the last semester break there were some uni staff using our hostels for the event. Tick tock tick tock the clock keep on clicking gonna stop listing and start packing!

P/S - If you need tips on packing efficiently and smartly click CHOCOLATE! This really help :)


  1. thanks for sharing chocolate sis.
    Btw sis uni dekat mana eheehe love ur english nak jadi mcm akak boleh tak? <3

  2. all the best yaaa ^^ dont be sad ok, positive always =)


  3. Hye, saya suka baca blog awak, baru2 ni saya baru blog harap awk boleh singgah dan follow blog saya. awksweetgitu.blogspot.com :)