Tears In My Heart

I was too happy that I am finally going back..do something that give benefits to myself. No more lying around and eat most of the time. But when I almost reach my destination...it rains heavily. Somehow, I feel so sad. Sad to leave my precious home, my precious cats, my lovely family.

Day one, trying my best not feeling homesick. Thanks God my friend Lisa is around. Semester 4 so far is awesome. With new subjects and classes. Trying my best to interact with people.

And now I am at my home sweet home. No class tomorrow. Yet I feel I should not have left my friend alone. I am so sorry my dear crazy friend. But no fear this Sunday me roommie and I will be back. Cheers. Miss F :)


  1. heee.. luckily rumah dekat kann. senang ulang alik. ur roommate mesti dah paham ngan sis . hikhik =')

  2. better place than others.. home sweet home.... fuuh !! hoho