To Leave To Feel Sad

Time fly so fast and today is SUNDAY alreaaadyy! Going back to campus this evening. Le roommate going to reach Labuan this evening too. Should I or should I not order something from her? Haha. Despite our one and only Big Apple store is located at airport.

Anyhow, as usually maybe after this post I won't be doing any updates at the moment. Busy to the max okay especially when I'm in my semester 4 right now. Look at my timetable on Tuesday. Very very packed right? Hahaha as long as I have no class on friday is enough for me :D

Weee 2 more semester to go and I must have my first class degree title! Insha'Allah :D I'll be graduate before I reach 22 y/o woots! 

P/S - Do leave your track at my cbox and I'll pay you a visit when I have time okay? *wink*


  1. 22 uw uwww~~~
    best of luck kak <3
    wishing u all the best ok!! :D fighting!!

  2. all the best with your studies :DD yeay~~