Overload Issues

Actually there are quite so much events are going on in my campus now. And there is this tinyyyy lil prob create by some of the un-proffesionals peoples. Oh well just cut the crap out. My friends and I hope we tidak kena tempias lah.

Last Sunday or Saturday maybe. It was quite damn hot but not so hot. Lol annnnd I made myself dragonfruit with Nestle Almond Praline. Lets om nom nom hehe

Oh how I miss home so much right now. :'(


  1. buah naga... sedap nye... lame dah xmkn..

  2. wah kakk.. gila menggoda dragonfruit tu. seksi habaq hangg..

  3. DRAGON FRUIT ! zara xpena makan.. ~.~ sob..sob..sob..