Supernatural Addiction

Yeay its FRIDAY agaaain! No class till Monday so its time to relax a bit and put away all those tutorials. Recently I have been addicted to Supernatural. Started to watch the Season 5 last Monday (this week Monday) and left about 6 episodes needed to watch on Tuesday. As a result I finished watching Season 5 on Tuesday night. Awesomeee or what?!

Currently downloading Season 6 and till Season 9. Woots I am so crazy with this tv series and tell you what the Winchester brothers and the angel is damn good looking! As the internet line is quite slow I need to wait quite long to start watching the Season 6. While waiting it to finish download, apparently I have to take back all the tutorials and assignments I threw before and start doing it again. Till then.


  1. addict to supernatural ?? sama la ngan Zara .. muahahaha

  2. farah pun addict dengan supernatural.
    hehe sep sikit :D

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