Yummy Fried Oyster Mushroom

, more commonly known as oyster, abalone or tree mushrooms, are some of the most widely harvested and readily available mushrooms in the world. They are found in both tropical and temperate climates globally and they are generally large mushrooms that are cream in color.

They are generally found as white-rot fungi on hardwood trees or conifer wood. They have been given the name oyster mushrooms because they often tend to resemble the shape of an oyster shell. They are also are a good source of niacin, thiamine and riboflavin, and also supply folate and dietary fibre. 

When shopping for oyster mushrooms, look for mushrooms with firm, dry skin and make sure you store them in a paper bag close to the bottom of the fridge if you can. Before you prepare them, wipe off with a damp cloth (never wash them or soak them to clean because they will become waterlogged) and trim the ends. You can then slice them if that's what your recipe requires.

  • For a quick and easy meal you can stir fry them with beef strips, garlic, ginger, any Asian greens you like and a dash of soy sauce to finish.
  • You can also stir them through Asian soups or stir-fry dishes near the end of cooking until they are just tender. They will liven up any Asian style meal with their unique flavour and texture.

Yesterday, my mum made this fried oyster mushroom. Not just like simply put it in the pan but togethe with the flour powder. Below will be the list of ingredients and recipes of my own.


  • Oyster mushrooms
  • Eggs
  • Flour - I used the Adabi brand flour which is the chicken flour. You can use any brand of flour as long as you think is edible and tasty
How to make? ::

1. Beat the eggs until it feels light and fluffy
2. Coat the oyster mushrooms with the eggs 
3. After coat it with the eggs coat them again with the flour of your choice
4. Put it in to the pan and fried it!
5. Fried it till it look golden and crispy

Yeah a very confusing ingredients and recipes yet simple. I didn't manage to take photos of it as we were too hungry last night. Found some of the pictures on Google and mine just like those fried mushroom pictures below. Picture by LENGSKITCHEN

You guys can visit to lengs kitchen blog as they have a recipe for this too except there might be quite number of ingredients and steps. My recipes and ingredients are for those who are lazy and wanted a quick result like me. :D


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