Burning In The Skies

Wassap!! It has been like? I don't know..more than a year huh?? Well the sudden urge to open this blog is when I was suppose to do my report but end up opening my blog where the only site that I did not have an app on my smartphone. Oh and the title of the post? Is where I got from the current song I am listening when starting to make this new post. Gonna do that as well in next future post.

Did I mention report before? Yupp! Currently having my 10 weeks of practical after went through all the hell of freaking SIX SEMESTER of learning and exams! Before I get to graduate this year November, I have to go through another 10 months of practical first ;) Four weeks has pass and 6 more to go. Kind feels time pass quite quickly though when you're enjoying it. 

To be honest, I just can't wait for my graduation this November!! It's like "wohoo no more exaaam and classes and waking up 10 minutes before class starts!" Practical life wasn't easy. There was a time where you really gonna need to "tebalkan muka" and accept that as part of learning process and another bitter experience in your life where that stones that hurt your pride are use to build as a steps of staircase to success. :)

So when you face some challenges or any bitter experience don't give up! Cheer up! Take it as part of learning process. Remember. You have to work hard to get a beautiful expensive diamond. 

Lots of love, The Lost Girl. Nah here some picture of my fave granola yoghurt 

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